Italy Surprise

Italy Surprise

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3-6 September

Last December my dad turned 60 and my brother and I decided to give him a surprise trip as a gift, just the 3 of us, an extended weekend, somewhere in Europe. He got three blank boarding cards which read Unknown destination, with our names on them. Me and John started planning this spring and decided a September trip would be nice. Still warm, but after the crazy summer tourists had left and prices had gone down. And, it’s always nice to extend the summer when you live in Sweden/UK.

When dad woke up the 3rd of September, he still didn’t know where he was going, only that it was going to be warm so there was need for swimwear and we had given him instructions to back good hiking shoes. Dad and John went to Kastrup Airport and checked in and when dad got his boarding card, it said Nice. But… was that the final destination?

My flight from London landed a bit later than the others’ but they waited for me at bagage claim. It was great to see them again. I hadn’t seen them for a few months. After struggling for a while to find our car rental company we finally got our car and hit the road. That’s when we finally told dad our destination – Cinque Terre, Italy.

We had a truly lovely weekend with great food and wine, hiking between the villages in Cinque Terre and great talks. Although we all missed our significant others, we all enjoyed just being the three of us for a few days. Talking about the “old” days (our childhood), mom, amongst other things.

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