USA – Salton Sea

USA – Salton Sea

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19 April 2016

Before returning to Ace Hotel in Palm Springs to finish our vacation with some more chill by the pool, we took a detour down to Salton Sea. Salton Sea is a large lake, in the middle of the desert, east of Coachella valley, created by accident when engineers were trying to lead water from Colorado River into the valley, to provide water for farming.

In the 1950s several resorts were built along the shores of Salton Sea, but most of them has now been demolished or abandoned due to rising levels of salinity and pollution, which resulted in algal blooms and fish death. The area close to the lake now actually smells really bad.

As I am somewhat interested in photographing urban decay and abandoned places, I wanted to explore this area. We visited Desert Shores, Salton Sea Beach and Salton City. A bit disappointingly, it turned out that most buildings in these three former resorts were already gone, leaving mostly trailer parks with mobile homes. There were still some old buildings left however, as you can see below. It was somewhat eerie to drive around these places, which still had street grids but no buildings and no people in sight.

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