Hever to Leigh Hike

Hever to Leigh Hike

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23 April 2016

After returning from our US vacation we were keen on continue working towards our goal of completing all of Time Out’s country walks. Since there are 53 of them just in the first edition, we have a lot of walking to do…

This Saturday we took an early train to Hever, where we started the hike towards Leigh. It was a lovely route, passing through undulating hills, a couple of castles and old churches and three picturesque, very English, villages. In one of them, Penshurst, we had lunch in the local pub, called Leicester Arms. This was about two thirds into the walk, so it was a good thing that we brought some pancakes and energy bars to keep our energy levels up!

Total distance was around 14km which makes it one of the shorter Time Out Walks, and as it was fairly flat it is also one of the easier. The sights and landscape definitely makes it worthwhile though!

Link to hike directions

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