Robertsbridge Circular Hike

Robertsbridge Circular Hike

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1 May 2016

It was time for the May walk with the Country Walks and Pub Explorer Society. Unfortunately, we managed to miss the train that the others were on which made us over an hour late. No other choice than to start the walk anyway and try to catch up.

We arrived in Robertsbridge and swiftly started walking along the path. It was a beautiful spring day, one of the warmest so far. The path took us through quiet farmland, with rolling green hills, and wooden areas where the ground was covered with Bluebells.

Halfway, and still no sign of the others, we stopped beside a field for lunch. There is no pub until the about two thirds into the walk so we were happy to have brought our own snacks.

Eventually, we reached the Bodiam Castle, a beautiful and well preserved castle built 1385, where we were supposed to meet the others. Surprised to find that they still hadn’t arrived, we contacted Pavel (leader of the group) and soon learned that they actually stopped for lunch and then took a wrong turn, which resulted in us passing them a few kilometres back…

While we waited we had a late lunch in a pub near the castle, called Castle Inn. After joining up with the rest of the group we continued the walk back to Robertsbridge Station together. The total distance of this walk measured up to 20.86 km while Time Out Walks says 18.5km. The difference was a result of some wrong turns by the end of the walk.

All in all, it was a nice outing with the Society (even if we had to go the main apart ourselves), and we even had time to enjoy a well deserved pint in a nice pub (The George) in Robertsbridge before catching the train back to London.

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