Hackney Half Marathon 2016

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8 May 2016

The time had come to run my second race of the year, the Hackney Half Marathon. This would also be the second time participating in this event, and I must say that it has become one of my favourite London half marathons, with a well designed route going through our home neighbourhoods.

Unfortunately, my preparations for this race were not ideal. The US holiday definitely made an impact… Adding light hay fever and hot race day temperatures (hottest day of the year that far…) resulted in a quite disappointing time.

About halfway in, the heat made it a struggle to even reach the finish line. During the last few miles, I saw a lot of runners collapsing and the ambulance personnel had their hands full. Under these circumstances I was really happy to complete the race and get my medal.

As always, the event was really well organised and I am sure I will be back next year and hopefully get my revenge! 🙂



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