Ockley to Warnham

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12 March 2016

Last weekend we went on another hike (it’s our new thing), this time from Ockley to Warnham, about an hour south of London. This was the muddiest walk we’ve been on! Simcoe was the muddiest she’s ever been, but powered through and kept us going. We both agreed this was one of the best and most beautiful walks though, where most of the walk was off road through woodland and farms. The muddies bit was through a sheep pasture where the patch between us and the concrete bridge were ancle deep mud. Yuck!

With 50% of the muddy hike behind us we had a great lunch at The Scarlett Arms in Walliswood, highly recommended.

We powered through the 18 km and finished with a pint at the Sussex Oak in Warnhamn.

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