Happy Birthday Simcoe!

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19 March 2016

Happy birthday to our little ray of sunshine! Hard to believe she’s already a year old. She’s an intelligent, cuddly, happy, kind, playful, stubborn little schnauzer that will do anything for a treat. She’s eager to learn new tricks and already has a couple up her sleeve, like spin, high five, hands up, and roll over. All dogs are potential friends and people might offer “me” treats and cuddle. Last summer we met Kirsty in our local pub. She instantly fell in love with the small and fluffy Simcoe and has been a good friend of ours ever since. Simcoe absolutely loves her and it feels great leaving her with someone who loves her as much as we do when we go away.

It has been a wonderful year, and she is already a given member of our little family. We canĀ“t picture life without her!


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