Sleepless in Seattle

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Well, as expected there were some issues with jet lag. Went to sleep around 10pm (which meant having been awake for about 20 hours) and then woke up at midnight, another time after that and finally at 03:23 to find myself wide awake. Johan joined me in the awake club at 4 am. We spent the next couple of hours trying to sleep but it was no use. Oh well. This meant we got an early start and after breakfast we started walking. First we walked to the Olympic Sculpture Park which lies along the Puget Sound, then we climbed the hills to the Space Needle. We didn’t go to the top as we had another high altitude goal in mind, Kerry Park. We walked and walked and our bums got their workout and finally we were there at the lookout. The park isn’t much to see but the view is. Highly recommended.

The walk continued back to the shore of Puget Sound and alongside it towards downtown until we got to Pike Place Market. This is a lovely market with retail shops, restaurants, fresh veggies and fruit, flowers, crafts and the famous fresh fish market where the guys have turned selling fish into entertainment. All of the sudden you hear someone scream something and then there’s a fish in the air being caught by one of the other guys, and it goes on and on. We had a nice pre-lunch at the Pike Place Bar & Grill with some natchos and beer and then continued walking around. For me, the market was the best thing of the Seattle visit. After our visit downtown we wanted to get back to Belltown to get some more food in us and maybe another beer. We found the Belltown Pub close to the hotel. Proper good food, wine and craft beer.

We ended the evening at the Queen City Grill, which we highly recommend. Great service, good food and a mean drink. Good night, see you tomorrow

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  1. Sharon Staffel

    Have a great time…looking forward to reading more posts.

  2. Bodil och Mats

    Hej och hå

    Hoppas ni har det alldeles underbart. Fina bilder, kul med blogg så vi kan hålla koll på er ( he he)
    Kramar från Bodil och Mats

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